With our schedule freed up after our first house sit in Idaho was canceled, we began looking for other possible house sits to fit in before our second sit in Idaho was set to begin in mid-November.  After looking at and applying to several house sits in the Washington/Oregon area, we noticed a house, Read More

Amanda and I typically look for games that can be played with 2 players, which sometimes can be hard to find, and limits our choices a bit. But we do find games are a little less mainstream when this happens. I had never heard of ‘Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – The Thames Murders and, Read More

Our plans for after the cruise changed unexpectedly.  Originally we were supposed to fly to Austin, spend two days there getting all of our stuff out of a storage unit, and haul it up to Colorado, then immediately leaving Colorado for a house sit in Boise, Idaho.  When we landed in Dallas for our, Read More

In the interest of giving formal reviews for the excursions we participated in, Ian and I rated each excursion, and put together lists of some important things to keep in mind for people booking these excursions on future Royal Caribbean cruises.  Here are our findings: Labadee, Haiti Amiga Island Experience: 5.5/10 Ian’s Rating: 6/10                  , Read More

It’s always a sad moment when you realize it is the last day of a vacation.  However, the last day also happened to be our last day of cruising, and Ian’s Birthday!  What better way to spend your birthday, than on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world? All night, I had, Read More

Cozumel.  Our final stop before we head back to the states, and the earliest arrival of the whole trip.  With the gangway opening before 8:30 in the morning, our shore excursion meeting time was scheduled for 7:45 in the Amber Theater, so I ordered our room service for a 6am delivery.  I pulled back, Read More

It happened.  The thing you never want to have happen when you’re on vacation happened.  Ian got sick.  All night, a tickle in his throat kept him up and coughing.  The throbbing headache from Jamaica turned into a full on stuffed nose sinus infection.  To top it off, muscles I strained while attempting to, Read More

Ah, Jamaica.  After a quick breakfast up at Windjammer, we went out onto the upper decks to check out the view of port.  Alongside us, on the opposite edge of port, was the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.  Once we had gotten some pictures and were done checking out the upper pool decks and enormous, Read More

Finally! Our first shore excursion day!  With a full day planned ahead of us, we had ordered room service the night before, and had it delivered at 7am.  Room service was complimentary, for items such as cereals, fruits, bagels, pastries, coffees, and teas, or you could opt for the $8 additional fee per room, Read More

I will admit. I am not the best traveler, and I am an even worse morning person. Ever since I was a kid, if I was forced to wake up earlier than my biological clock allowed, I would have terrible morning sickness-esque symptoms. Terrible upset stomach, and a foggy feeling are not the best, Read More