Gaming Locations in Boise, ID

So whenever Amanda and I are in a new location we try to find some game stores. We will usually either buy something, or see when open game nights are so we can get some gaming in, even better when these stores have open boxes for us to play so we don’t travel around with our rather extensive library of games. So with that here is our list of game stores we visited during our stay in Boise, ID.

ABU Games

This store is big, it is divided into three areas. The main storefront has most of the products to buy. The second was a huge gaming area, mostly for MTG tournaments, but is used for general gaming and RPG sessions as well. In this area they also had all the walls lined with more games to purchase. The third area seems to be more of a general purpose area, one time when we were there it looked like there was a LAN party going on, another time it was empty, so who knows. The staff were very friendly and let us know of a sale they had going on, with which we purchased 3 games and 2 expansions for about $100. In the gaming world this is a pretty good deal. Although we didn’t notice any open games, it’s entirely possible we missed it with the size of this place. There board game night is Wednesday nights and we would highly recommend going there.

Phoenix Fire Games

This was probably the second largest store here we visited. It had a large selection of games to purchase, though not as large as ABU. But it had all the big games you would come to expect. They had a pretty large play area and a decently sized selection of open games to try. It is the most Western store in the area, and if you are in that area this store won’t disappoint.

All About Games

This was a smaller shop then the previous two. However it seemed to have about the same selection as Phoenix Fire, just packed into a smaller area. Their gaming area was in the back, and it was an ok size. They did have the largest selection of open box games to play though, which is nice when travelling. Their staff were very friendly and there were actually quite a few on hand if you ever have a question. Their board game nights are on Tuesdays, and we recommend going there.


Captain Comics

Given the name this is a comic book store, but it came up in our search for board game stores so we gave it a look. There is no play area here and the selection of games is small. But they did seem to have a decent selection of comics.

Goliath Gaming

This one is definitely a smaller store. There game selection wasn’t as broad, but they seemed to have all the major titles. They also had a decent sized play area with a limited selection of open games to play.

Enclave Games

This is actually a pretty large store. Having said that most of the space is dedicated to their gaming area. Their board game selection is very limited. This store seems to be more of a dedicated tournament store for MTG and various other card games.

So there you have it. If you are ever in the Boise area and are looking for a place to buy or play some board games here is our list. Let us know what you think, or if there are any good ones we may have missed.

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