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Dead Awake

This horror movie centers around sleep paralysis. It was pretty predictable with the usual horror clich├ęs.

Verdict: If It’s Free


This one’s about some American backpackers looking for off the trail temples. The characters are very forgettable, while what seems like the main character is a really crappy, and creepy, friend. What annoys me most about this movie, and others where this happens, is the abrupt ending. No explanation, no closure, nothing, it just ends. It drives me crazy.

Verdict: Skip

Phoenix Forgotten

So I was surprised this was produced by Ridley Scott, one of my favorite producers/writer/director. However, this movie was a little bit of a disappointment. It was ok, but it is really slow, and nothing really happens until the last 20 minutes of the movie, which is 1 hour 26 minutes. So if you’re ok sitting for an hour for the build up, then it will just about make up for it at the end.

Verdict: If It’s Free


This movie was suspenseful at times. But it was ultimately predictable from the beginning.

Verdict: If It’s Free


I am not sure what to really think about this movie. I think this is what passes for horror in India, but I can’t be certain. It was laughably bad, the effects to the weird voice dubs for some reason, it was just funny how bad it was.

Verdict: Skip

Don’t Kill It

So this movie felt like a combination of things to me. On one side we have Dolph Lundren who plays a demon hunter, but he basically plays an older Dean Winchester from Supernatural. This movie is pretty funny, but not bad funny. Basically felt more like a feature length Supernatural episode, so it was pretty fun.

Verdict: Worth the Rent (Free on Netflix)

Beacon Point

So again this movie has all the hallmarks of horror. People go off trail in the woods, then make progressively worse decisions, then die. At its core it’s an alien horror movie I guess, it’s hard to say with 100% certainty as it’s never full explained. And again, it ends abruptly with no closure.

Verdict: It It’s Free

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