About Us

Beginning in 2014, Ian and I decided that we loved the idea of building and living in a tiny house, in order to pay off our debt and save money for those things we truly enjoyed doing most.  We had always spent our free time and money on things easy to come by; games, movies, eating out, etc.  Eventually, we realized that we never had time and money for things that mattered most.  Experiences.  After throwing around a few ideas, it became clear there was one main topic that dominated our list of dream experiences.  We wanted to travel.  Everything from comic book conventions to cruises, and Disney vacations to European tours were on our travel wish list.

So, we started designing the tiny house of our dreams, found a tiny house builder, sold the five bedroom house we were living in in Colorado, and began preparing for our dreams.  With the money we got from selling the house, we paid off some of our debt, and constructed our tiny home.  Once built, we had the house hauled down to Austin Texas to spend time with Ian’s family.  Over the next year, we traveled to Orlando to visit Disney World and Universal Studios twice, and spent a week on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Though the tiny house helped us in saving money, Ian’s ability to work from home remotely was tempered by the lack of reliable internet out at the property our tiny house ended up.  The tiny house served its purpose.  We managed to pay off our debts, but it had also given us an even bigger travel itch.  After a year in the tiny house, we packed up our few possessions, sold the tiny house, and have begun the newest chapter of our lives.

Two or three, week-long trips a year no longer feels like enough travel time, and our list of dream destinations is ever growing.  So, we are throwing ourselves into long term travel.  Starting September 2017 and stretching all the way into September 2018, we have planned out our travels.  The United States, a six month tour of Europe, and three cruises await us on our yearlong adventure, and we will be sharing it all on here for our friends and family, and whoever else might come along to find out more about a couple of Geeks Who Seek.