For the last several days of our house sit in Boise, I had to fly out to Chicago for a family funeral, and my return flight to Idaho actually landed only a few hours before the home owners returned from their own trip.  While in Chicago, it seemed that everyone was getting sick with, Read More

Winter time is my absolute favorite time of the year.  The cold and snow, the frost on blades of grass; I love it all.  As soon as Thanksgiving happened, it seemed that the weather in Boise decided it was immediately winter.  Temperatures dropped, the colder winds started blowing in, and there were several mornings, Read More

Cracking on to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This was the first Thanksgiving that I have ever spent away from family, so it was the first year we’ve ever had to put together our own Thanksgiving meal.  Staying in someone else’s home, in addition to preparing a meal for only two, led us to the, Read More

The drive from Salt Lake to Boise was fairly uneventful, though we did get turned around a bit due to roads closed for construction once we made it to town.  Arriving in the dark, yet again, it was difficult to get a good grasp on the beauty of the mountains and hills surrounding Boise. , Read More

With our Breckenridge sit over, we had a few days to get situated, do laundry, and repack for our Boise, Idaho housesit.  Originally, Ian wanted to drive all the way up to Boise in one go, or maybe stop halfway for a night.  After looking at a few options though, we decided to break, Read More

So whenever Amanda and I are in a new location we try to find some game stores. We will usually either buy something, or see when open game nights are so we can get some gaming in, even better when these stores have open boxes for us to play so we don’t travel around, Read More

With our schedule freed up after our first house sit in Idaho was canceled, we began looking for other possible house sits to fit in before our second sit in Idaho was set to begin in mid-November.  After looking at and applying to several house sits in the Washington/Oregon area, we noticed a house, Read More

Our plans for after the cruise changed unexpectedly.  Originally we were supposed to fly to Austin, spend two days there getting all of our stuff out of a storage unit, and haul it up to Colorado, then immediately leaving Colorado for a house sit in Boise, Idaho.  When we landed in Dallas for our, Read More

In the interest of giving formal reviews for the excursions we participated in, Ian and I rated each excursion, and put together lists of some important things to keep in mind for people booking these excursions on future Royal Caribbean cruises.  Here are our findings: Labadee, Haiti Amiga Island Experience: 5.5/10 Ian’s Rating: 6/10                  , Read More