So when I am home some buddies and I will occasionally get together for board game nights at a bar in Louisville, CO. This time I had brought with “Last Friday” in hopes I could talk some helpless victims into playing. I was successful in my pitch and convinced 4 of them to join, Read More

Kingdomino – 9/10 We will start with the award winning game first. Kingdomino is at its heart a domino game, hence the name. But instead of matching numbers you match biomes. The goal is to get as many points using these tiles as possible. You score points by creating as many contiguous biomes as, Read More

So whenever Amanda and I are in a new location we try to find some game stores. We will usually either buy something, or see when open game nights are so we can get some gaming in, even better when these stores have open boxes for us to play so we don’t travel around, Read More

Amanda and I typically look for games that can be played with 2 players, which sometimes can be hard to find, and limits our choices a bit. But we do find games are a little less mainstream when this happens. I had never heard of ‘Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – The Thames Murders and, Read More